Helping a World-Class Art Museum in Washington DC

Starting Position

The National Gallery of Art (NGA) in Washington D.C. houses one of the finest collections in the world. NGA is a hybrid U.S. Federal Agency that conducts its operations using both Federal funding and private donations. Furthermore, NGA uses Oracle Federal Financials Management System v11.5.10 (FMS) to support its accounting and finance activities.

Internal analysis revealed that NGA had a time sensitive requirement for senior level functional and technical support for FMS in order to bridge a key resource gap during the fiscal year end close. In addition, Oracle had provided a Government Treasury Account Symbol (GTAS) system patch to update Oracle Federal Administrator forms and configuration data in preparation for GTAS reporting changes required by the U.S. Treasury. S2S’s major tasks were to provide functional/technical support, perform patch assessment, develop a patch deployment plan for the future and complete required FMS configurations where required.

Our focus was on, but not limited to, GTAS reporting, tier 2 help desk, Federal funds control and system testing. Along with this work, we made every effort to ensure successful knowledge transfer with the client.


Objectives & Goals

  • Obtain Tier 2 Helpdesk cross module support for Public Sector General Ledger, Payables, Purchasing, Federal Verticals, Fixed Assets, and Grants;  Application System Administration
  • Obtain database/Application technical expertise
  • Obtain application patching analysis and identify the impact on current Oracle Federal Financials system configurations if the GTAS patch is applied.
  • Obtain Oracle database 11g upgrade planning and support
  • Determine if additional system modifications are required to make the financial management system GTAS compliant.
  • Evaluate existing funds controls configurations to determine if improvement to existing summary templates was possible.
  • Modify funds control configurations for private and Federal funds control (per NGA management request).
  • Develop standardized functional test scenarios that will test new system patches and configurations.
  • Successfully deploy GTAS patch provided by Oracle


Recommendations & Advice

The fiscal year end close was rapidly approaching and the Gallery had not been able to find appropriate resources in time for a transition period. Summit2Sea recognized the need for resources with a high degree of expertise who could hit the ground running. S2S provided a senior level functional and senior level technical resource to quickly stabilize and bridge the key resource gap. The resources were able to draw on past experience to quickly overcome the missing transitional period and begin addressing a backlog of operational issues that needed to be addressed before the fiscal year end close.


The S2S team completed a technical and functional impact assessment and provided the following recommendations to the NGA:

  • S2S recommended that the GTAS patch should be applied.
  • S2S identified system/form changes introduced by the GTAS patch and system configuration changes needed to successfully apply the patch.
  • S2S recommended funds control configurations to incorporate NGA management mandated changes.
  • S2S recommended modifications to summary templates in order to segregate private and Federal funds control to prepare for the transition from proprietary to budgetary funds control.
  • S2S provided recommendations to address potential changes to budgetary funds controls in the future.
  • S2S recommended and developed standardized functional test scenarios for funds control testing for capturing test data, system navigation, expected test results and actual test results.



The support S2S provided to the Gallery allowed for a successful continuance of production operations and a smooth fiscal year end close. The Gallery was able to move forward with planned major milestones and objectives such as the implementation of new funds control, assistance with Central Contractor Registry a.k.a. System for Award Management (SAM) changes, and made measured progress toward future objectives such as the 11g database upgrade and the integration between FMS and the new procurement system.

The following positive impacts resulted from S2S efforts at this client:

  • NGA was provided a GTAS Patch Impact Assessment document providing summarized and detailed impacts of applying the Oracle GTAS patch. The document details system configurations required before and after applying the Oracle GTAS patch. (Note: During the assessment phase the U.S. Treasury postponed implementation of new GTAS reporting requirements for one year. The GTAS patch and related configurations will be implemented at that time).
  • Improvements to Oracle Federal Financials funds control configurations segregating Federal and private funds were completed to facilitate a smooth transition from proprietary to budgetary funds control in the future.
  • Reduction in summary template maintenance time, the number of summary templates was reduced from 69 to 6.
  • Utilization of standardized test scenarios provide a reusable method for performing system testing and documenting test results while ensuring improved reliability.
  • Successful Knowledge transfer occurred for the following areas, GTAS reporting and improved FMS funds control functionality.
  • With S2S input NGA developed a plan to move forward with future Accounting and Finance related IT projects, e.g. database upgrade, GTAS patch deployment
  • S2S was able to provide low cost and high value support to NGA by developing a shortened project timeline and utilizing highly skilled consultants.